About Us

Aşanteks has a new perspective way of looking for brand and production managements.

Since 1986 to present, Aşanteks has been producing artificial leather and fabric for Office and Home furniture that become a favorite brand both in local and also international markets within its alternative colors and designs.

Aşanteks is not only a brand that has a worldwide standard production line for high quality artificial leather  and unique fabric  collection fulfilling the neds of customers but also is an international mill which leads new tendencies for home fashion within its R&D works.

Aşanteks started its production in a small workshop for  home and office furniture industry. Now,It has branches in the center of home textile sector as Bayrampaşa, Modoko in Istanbul and London, the UK. With its expansive dealer system in Turkey, Aşanteks presents exclusive goods for its clients


Our main aim is to become a favorite,hit,traced with innovative and inventive products in all customer service and product sections. 


Allowing the personal development of employees by ensuring the continuity of development and innovation and providing healthy and sustainable company structure under the management of sharesholders and future generation.